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Brownsville Preparatory Institute

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Brownsville Seeds of Literacy 501C, thanks you for your generous contribution and commitment ensuring that we can continue to spread literacy to the most needy in our community.

Thank you for making a commitment to Brownsville Seeds of Literacy 501c. Your support makes an unimaginable impact on the lives of students and teachers everywhere. Individual gifts, large and small, collectively sustain the standard of excellence in teaching students and improving our community.

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What Parents are Saying

“We are proud BPI parents!  Our family has reaped the benefits of BPI over the past three years.  We were fortunate to discover Brownsville early during our academic journey.  Our children were progressing well within the public and private school sector, yet we desired more.  The aforementioned programs could not provide individualized educational programs. Our oldest children began the program as enrichment students.  BPI enhanced their skill sets.  The methods used fostered a desire for attentive learning. Our children’s lives have been enriched by the “Brownsville Way.”  Their educational foundations are strong.  

Dr. Wayne & Dr. Selika Sampson
Proud BPI MOM & DAD of four

 My daughter, Kiahra attended Brownsville Academy the summer of 2008 and Summer of 2009.  My Mother in Law recommended Brownsville Academy because she knew Kiahra was having a hard time with her academics.   She convinced me to give the school a try for the summer.  For this reason, I took a chance with sending my daughter 300 miles away from home to attend the Academy.  I’m glad I did.  Prior to her starting the Academy, Kiahra had difficulty with spelling, reading, and comprehension.  She lacked the confidence needed to succeed in any of those areas.  I noticed after the first Summer that Kiahra started to read better and her comprehension of what she was reading drastically improved.  She mastered the fundamentals of phonics with ease in just one summer.  She enjoyed reading and it showed.  She enjoyed reading so much that she started to write stories.

Madetric Wood

Discovering Brownsville Prep is one of the best things to happen to my husband and I when we relocated to Tallahassee three years ago.  My daughter Brianna is thriving in an environment where she is taught based on her ability and willingness to learn, rather than based on her age.  As a result, Brianna started reading, writing, and doing math well before others in her age group.  She is also thriving on a personal level because of the support she receives from the instructors at Brownsville.  I plan to send my son Alex to Brownsville as soon as he is old enough to attend because the value of the education cannot be matched by any other school in town. 

Franita Tolson
Assistant Professor
Florida State University College of Law